Sunday, 1 November 2009

Yaakov Teitel

Here's a good yarn. A Jewish settler, Yaakov Teitel, has finally been arrested by Israeli police after committing a string of terror attacks against Palestinian Arabs and insufficiently Zionist Jews stretching back over 12 years. Of course, the self-confessed killer is described as 'mentally disturbed', because its the Muslims who are always the terrorists, right?

The Israeli police foreign media spokesman's overarching description of him was that he was "like a serial killer", before recognising his terrorist credentials, in contrast to the way that Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas are described as "terrorists" in Israeli discourse for the mere fact of trying to defend their land against invasion.

I suppose my favourite take on the huge raft of news, comment, analysis and hand-wringing on this topic comes from the ever sophisticated pro-settlement news source Arutz Sheva, which asserts that ‘Teitel Was Lone Man among 300,000 Law-Abiding Residents’. Mmmm, are you really law-abiding when you live in an illegal settlement, built on someone else's land?