Sunday, 18 October 2009

More campus fun

It was Ehud Olmert, disgraced former Israeli Prime Minister, and now - thanks to the UN Human Rights Council - suspected war criminal, this time facing the wrath of an audiance at the University of Chicago.

He got a much rougher ride than Tony Blair at Buffalo - speaker after speaker getting up to denounce Olmert over the massacre of Gazans and Lebanese civilians before being taken out by security. Lots of people in the audience giving encouragement. The footage isn't as good as the Blair blather from last weekend, you can't really hear Olmert's reaction clearly. Never mind the point is clear. And there's one nice moment where a moderator asks for Olmert to be given a chance to speak, and the reply comes "He should get his chance to speak at the International Criminal Court". Quite so.

This kind of thing would have been impossible in past years. It was the people speaking on behalf of the Palestinian cause who would be shouted down by organised pro-Israeli activists.

And what's the King Abdullah II Leadership Lecture, and why are the Jordanians doing inviting Olmert, or whoever it was on behalf of the Jordanians?

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